Why you need a broker

In today’s fast paced world, having accurate insurance cover is critical and it’s important for every aspect of your life – home, work and play.

A professional insurance broker ensures you have the appropriate insurance cover at the most competitive price. They offer competent, objective advice and ultimately ensure you receive comprehensive  coverage that delivers the risk protection and peace of mind you deserve.

A broker simplifies the insurance process. If you engage a broker you don’t have to worry about complex industry jargon or policy comparisons. You can spend more time on what you are best at, running your business, looking after your family and enjoying life!

So don’t chance it with a call centre or a web-based comparison service – not only is it time consuming and impersonal but arranging the correct coverage can be a complete lottery.  Can you be sure that the insurance you’ve purchased will work if you have a claim? What about the “fine print” or policy exclusions – do you really understand them? And who will be there working for you if things go wrong? It would be a miracle if you actually get to speak to the same person more than once.

You wouldn’t build a house with a builder who only communicates on-line or over the phone so why would you ensure your home, contents, car, business or other valuable investment with someone equally impersonal and allusive.