Airtasker – Do they have adequate insurance?


Airtasker is a private-held Australian company which provides an online community marketplace that allows end users to externalise day-to-day tasks.

There is no difference between a sole trader and an airtasker. You are still exposed to the same level of risks as any other person who work for themselves. You can still be injured […]

Airtasker – Do they have adequate insurance?2020-03-03T01:37:09+11:00

Motor Insurance – Who Is At Fault?


Motor accidents happen in a split second but the inconvenience of making a claim and getting it sorted may take longer.

When it comes to Motor insurance claims, one of the most pressing questions is who caused the accident and that’s because the at-fault driver (or their insurer, who indemnifies […]

Motor Insurance – Who Is At Fault?2020-02-24T21:44:58+11:00