Private companies such as yours face unpredicted and even complex risks that may affect your reputation whether it is a Privacy breach or an Employment practice issue or even a full Tax audit.

Management Liability features coverage and benefits designed to address serious risks and protect your company and management team against the risks associated with managing or running the business, so you can focus on the important aspect which is the growth and expansion of your business.

This insurance protects you personally, and therefore your lifestyle and luxury.  You could risk losing your business including personal assets if you do not have the appropriate protection.

Who Needs Management Liability Insurance?

If you own a business or if you are the director or senior manager of either a private or public organization, you must consider Management Liability Insurance.

Management Liability Insurance cover is tailor-made to meet your needs and the needs of your business.


Management Liability Insurance Benefits

With authorities vitally pursuing businesses that breach safety standards and fail to show due commitment, an insurance program without Management Liability could leave you and your business critically unprotected against huge financial loss.

We are happy to give you a detailed discussion on Management Liability for you and your business, as well as any other section of your business insurances.

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Reasons to choose ARMA Insurance Brokers

  • We are professional brokers that outline your risk exposures and provide you with practicable advice.
  • We have access to superior policy wordings with broad cover that are not easily obtained from the direct market
  • We ACT for YOU.
  • We will handle your claim and make sure you are paid according to the cover you purchased
  • We will contact you each year to review your policies to make sure your cover and information is accurate to avoid a declined claim
  • We are your trusted advisers.

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