Tips on keeping your house safe while leaving for the holiday season

Tips On Keeping Your House Safe When Leaving For The Holiday Season

As Christmas draws near many of us plan to leave our home and travel to see our families and sometimes we are away for days. It is a very common time of year for thieves to break into your home and ruin your Christmas cheer! Some tips of how to reduce your chances of being one of these victims this year are:

Lock your house

I am continually surprised at how many people I know that don’t lock their homes while they are away or even during the week in everyday life.  If you get a chance to talk to anyone that has had their home invaded by thieves you will soon be keen to lock your doors. Don’t make it any easier than it has to be for them to enter your beloved house

Buy a dog

Statistics show quite clearly that bad guys don’t like dogs! Homes that have a dog are 67% less likely to incur a “break and enter” especially if the dog is a large breed e.g. German shepherd or Doberman.

Alarms & CCTV cameras do work! 

Again statistically alarms and CCTV cameras are still deterrents for criminals and today its not that expensive to have them installed we have clients that do it so call us we can get you a discount!

 Leave a light on 

Leave a light on inside your house or two, it shows potential activity within the home in your absence and could make that thief change their mind.

Stay off social media 

Please try to refrain from tagging yourself in locations away from your home this time of year. Criminals stalk your social media to watch for the perfect time to hit your home and when they see you sunning yourself on a beach in Noosa it’s a red light to go right in.

Last but not least : have a superior home and contents policy through a broker

Have a superior home and contents policy through a broker. Insurance is like anything else, you get what you pay for. With many of the insurers using overseas call centres for claims handling, it is getting harder and harder to get claims processed, let alone when you are under emotional stress of having your home invaded. So pass your asset to a broker to protect it, this will be the smartest move of your life.

We hope these tips help you to stay safe these holidays, enjoy the festive season with your family and rest up over the holiday break!


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