Airtasker is a private-held Australian company which provides an online community marketplace that allows end users to externalise day-to-day tasks.

There is no difference between a sole trader and an airtasker. You are still exposed to the same level of risks as any other person who work for themselves. You can still be injured on the job and you can still be held liable should anything go wrong.

Just like any sole trader, you need to protect yourself accordingly with a comprehensive policy tailored to your area of expertise or the jobs you accept as an Airtasker.

See general exclusions below:

  • Business / financial / legal advice
  • Tradesmen where activities require a licence to perform duties
  • Asbestos and any activities associated with asbestos
  • Activities or tasks performed above 2 storeys or 5 metres in height
  • Liability risks that relate to a Tasker’s ownership or use of their premises as a Property Owner

Quite clearly, Airtasker Insurance does not cover all tasks or activities, thefore, it is assumed that end users are made aware of this prior to going about the task. Some may have taken the risk themselves or have possibly made alternative insurance arrangements outside of the Airtasker policy.

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