It’s not just a house!

Protect your home inside and out from loss or damage with Home & Contents Insurance

Home sweet home. It’s often your single biggest investment, so making sure you have the right home insurance policy will give you peace of mind of knowing you’re adequately protected if something unexpected happens.

Home and Contents Insurance can reduce the financial pain of the cost to repair, restore or replace damage to or theft of your property.

Some of the areas we can cover in a Home and Contents policy include:

  • Full accidental damage cover

  • Damage or theft of personal items such as jewellery, cameras, sporting equipment etc

  • Insured events like flood, fire, storm & more

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown of home appliances

  • Public/personal liability 

  • Tax audit for your financial affairs

  • Credit card fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen.

Don’t choose coverage based on price! We recommend homeowners take full accidental damage protection which includes all insured events plus accidental loss or damage to your home and its contents. This gives a superior level of protection for your biggest and most expensive asset.

ARMA Insurance will get to know you, your home, and the things that really matter to you. 

We’ll simplify the process and work with you to build the perfect insurance package, chosen from a wide range of providers. 

We know the market inside out and can find you a policy to suit your needs, including replacement values, ensuring everything you care about is covered at a competitive price.

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