Management Liability Insurance

Protect the directors and management of your company with Management Liability Insurance

Sometimes your business can experience unwelcome surprises that could potentially threaten your financial position. As a director or officer, you may be exposed to personal liability further threatening the future success of the business.

Whether you’re running a large company of a small to medium business, you and/or your management team may find yourselves liable for any actual or alleged breaches arising from your actions or performance of your duties, such as liability for mismanagement.

Management Liability can provide your business, your assets and personal wealth with financial protection for claims which might otherwise be financially crippling or even catastrophic to you or your business.

Who is Management Liability Insurance for?

This insurance is specifically designed to protect private companies and their directors. 

It is cover that is usually overlooked by business owners. – it shouldn’t be! It is one of the most important insurance covers that should be put in place to protect not just your business, but the directors and key management as well.

It’s more comprehensive than traditional directors and officers insurance, as it protects both the financial wellbeing of the company, and the personal wealth of its directors and officers.

It is also easily confused with professional indemnity insurance. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the ‘activities’ of a business whereas Management Liability Insurance covers the ‘running’ of a business.

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