Insurance coverage for tenant related risks

Landlord insurance is a must for every residential investment property

Renting out a property that you own can be daunting – even with good tenants, things can and do go wrong sometimes. If you own an investment property that’s rented out, you need to protect yourself against potential damage to your property and assets.

Landlords have different risks to standard home owners – and these are often not included in a standard Home & Contents policy. Which is why investors need Landlords Insurance. It provides cover if your building or contents like carpets, curtains, blinds and light fittings be damaged by an insured or accidental event.

What’s included in a Landlord’s Insurance Policy?

Arma Insurance helps many investors obtain the right landlords insurance cover for their investment properties. 

We can help arrange cover for:

  • Building

  • Contents

  • Accidental breakage

  • Water or liquid damage

  • Vandalism or malicious acts

  • Removal of debris and demolition costs

  • Burning out of an electric motor

  • Rebuilding fees (building only)

  • Rent default

  • Loss of rent

  • Theft by tenant 

  • Liability cover

Don’t risk your residential investment property. Get in touch with the ARMA team to discuss the best Landlords Insurance solution so your property is  appropriately protected. 

ARMA – the experts in Landlords Insurance Hunter Valley.