Not for Profit Insurance

Insurance to protect your Not for Profit enterprise

Your nonprofit has an important mission to carry out. Every dollar you spend either supports or depletes your ability to serve. 

Most organisations work with a limited budget, but all face exposures and risk management challenges that need to be met. 

Liability to others, premises, volunteers, equipment, employees, committee members and the decisions they make all require risk to be managed or insured against for loss, damage, injury or legal proceedings. 

Whether your enterprise is for sport, the arts, a club, community service or the caring of others; an Arma Insurance Hunter Valley NFP insurance policy offers extensive protection to suit your circumstances and more importantly – your budget.

We service organisations and associations in the following categories:

  • Arts

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Family & Civic

  • Health

  • Hospice

  • NDIS

  • Religious Organisations

  • Social Services

Arma understand’s that your organisation has important insurance needs and often runs on limited funding. We won’t let the good work and value you add to the community be undermined by a lack of protection. 

Contact Arma Insurance Hunter Valley in Maitland or Singleton to learn more about mission-minded non profit insurance.