Cyber Insurance

Insure your business against hacking or loss of data with cyber coverage

As technology continues to develop and become more sophisticated, so do the potential cyber threats that your business could be exposed to. The number and severity of data breaches is rapidly rising, so it is essential for both businesses and their customers to be protected by a cyber insurance policy against the cyber liabilities that they face.

Cyber Insurance can cover expenses that businesses may incur because of a cyber related incident. This can include:

  • Data loss and restoration

  • Business interruption loss due to a network security failure

  • Liability due to failure to maintain confidentiality of data

  • Network or data extortion

Why you need Cyber Insurance 

Any business in any industry can potentially face a breach of sensitive customers, employee or business information. Cyber protectioncan help organisations get back to business after a cyber attack or a data breach. 

Standard business insurance products don’t cover for cyber breach or data loss. Cyber Insurance goes beyond traditional liability and property insurances which were not developed to address the risks involved with internet exposure. 

It’s tailor-made to provide comprehensive insurance cover for liability and expenses a business may incur arising out of unauthorised use of, or unauthorised access to, physical and electronic data or software within an organisation’s computer network or business.

Talk to ARMA Maitland and the Hunter Valley’s business insurance experts about cyber packages to protect your valuable business data and get maximum protection for your business.