Hobby Farm Insurance

Insurance for your lifestyle property that’s run for pleasure not profit

All farms, even small-scales ones that are operated as a hobby, carry inherent risks. Farming is a dangerous activity, and in most cases requires handling unpredictable animals and heavy, expensive machinery. Therefore it is wise to put in place adequate Hobby Farm Insurance to protect you should something go wrong.

Hobby Farm Insurance is different to large Farm Insurance as it is a specific policy that covers the niche risks associated with running a small-scale farm.

Who needs Hobby Farm Insurance?

Owners of a small-scale farms that operate primarily for pleasure rather than profit.

The exact type and amount of coverage that you need will be unique to the specific circumstances of your farm. Using an Arma farm insurance broker gives you peace of mind knowing a policy has compiled to meet your unique needs.

Covers that are typically included:

  • Building and contents – cover’s the owner occupied and tenanted dwellings

  • Other farm buildings – e.g. silos, sheds, workshops etc

  • Farm liability – cover for personal injury and/or property damage to third parties caused by your hobby farm operations

  • Farm machinery and motor vehicles – for use on your hobby farm

  • Farm fencing – covers the cost of damage due to extreme weather, fire or other disasters

  • Farm business interruption – protection against loss of income following a claim for property damage

  • Livestock

Your small property should not cause you big problems. With a wide range of cover options for a variety of hobby and leisure farms, the team at ARMA Insurance Brokers Hunter Valley can help you find the right protection.

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