Smash Repairs



Recently we have had a surge in Motor Insurance claims.  Unfortunately this comes with the territory of being insurance brokers, however we wish to remind all our clients to remain safe on the road.

All of our Motor Insurance policies have a client’s choice of repairer.  This is a massive advantage as in the event of a claim, you can choose your preferred repairer who you have either been recommended or perhaps used in the past.  The insurer will then communicate with the repairer to have your vehicle fixed in a timely manner.

However when an Insurer has a negative past relationship with smash repairer they have the option of not communicating directly with the smash repairer.  In a recent claim one Insurer advised that they would only cash settle a claim directly to the client and it would instead be the client’s responsibility to pay the smash repairer directly.  The importance here is that regardless of the relationship between smash repairer and Insurer you always have a choice of repairer through our brokerage.


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