July 30, 2021

Risk Management Advice and Checklists

With numerous government restrictions on COVID-19 that have come to place, we acknowledge the challenges our clients face as buildings are necessitated to close or set off in a controlled capacity into the future. 

Here is some general advice, coming from a Risk Management perspective, on how to secure different building types should there be a need for temporary closure.  Each material include Risk Control measures and Site Closure Checklists (c/o Zurich) that you can use:
Temporary Premises Closure Guide
Temporary Construction Site Closure Guide
Partial Premises Closure Guide
Temporary Closure of Buildings in Refurbishment Guide

Your trusted and professional teams of brokers are now working productively from home. We use a variety of tools and applications to provide you with the most efficient service we can offer, during these trying times.

Should you have any queries please call us on 02 4932 444 or email us at maitland@armainsurance.com.au. We will continue to keep you updated of the situation and will keep you informed of any further updates regarding our advice on temporary closure of buildings.

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