Trade credit insurance

is a policy that can protect your business from bad debts.  It secures your accounts receivable and insures your business from unpaid invoices caused by customer bankruptcy, nonpayment, political risks and other circumstances agreed with your insurer.

Trade credit insurance is also known as ‘debtor insurance’, ‘export credit insurance’ and ‘accounts receivable insurance’.

How does trade credit insurance work?

Trade credit insurance works by insuring you from your buyer on payment failure, which means that every invoice from that customer is covered for the insurance year.

Trade credit insurance is used by businesses of all sizes to protect both domestic and international trade. Businesses also use credit insurance to help them financially secured and to confidently explore new markets as well as to attract new customers with suitable credit terms.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to trade credit insurance, as with all types of insurance.  The extent and value of your credit insurance will be stipulated by your needs.

What are the benefits of trade credit insurance?

  • Preserving your profit
  • Protecting your assets and cash flow – Does your business have enough money to pay for a bad debt?
  • It covers your trade with your clients or customers so even if customers underpay or fail to pay you, you will still get paid
  • Expansion confidence
  • Strong credit management
  • Added security

Why ARMA Insurance Brokers?

We are comprised of licensed and professional brokers.  Our team can actively service and manage trade credit programmes for you through our in-depth understanding of the policy.  We will help you sleep better by negotiating the most appropriate premium and cover in the industry to meet your individual needs.


At ARMA Insurance Brokers, we will arrange a policy that is most comprehensive for you and that will tailor-fit your needs.


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