Why my kids don’t go to local Trampoline Parks

I have a three year old and she loves trampolines, our neighbour has one and she looks over the fence all the time asking if she can have one.  Recently there has been a splurge in new Trampoline Parks in Newcastle, Maitland and the Lake Macquarie area.  I will never take my daughter for one strong reason.

There is a massive chance they have no Liability Insurance.  So what does this mean.  On A Current Affair the other night was a story about a young women who was left nearly permanently unable to walk as a result of an injury that occurred in a trampoline park. Due to the massive risk and the huge payouts that an injury would occur Australian Insurance companies are refusing to provide cover.  As a result as you enter a park they usually have all participants sign a waiver advising that the park is not liable for any injury that may occur.

Trampolines may be fun but it is extremely dangerous.  During a six-month study, 40 patients presented to the Sydney Children’s Hospital with injuries sustained from indoor trampolining*

Liability Insurance is mandatory for all business, a business without proper Liability Insurance leave its customers extremely vulnerable.

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