Underinsurance – Business Insurance


The purpose of business insurance is to restore a company to the position it was in before any catastrophic losses. That means if the sum insured – the maximum amount an insurer will pay in a disaster- isn’t enough to recover the bottom line, business owners are left out of pocket.

Underinsurance or having incorrect insurance […]

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Underinsurance – Home and Contents


Underinsurance happens when you’ve taken out insufficient insurance to cover your costs when things go wrong.

The top 5 reasons you could be underinsured

  1. You’ve renewed your policy but haven’t reviewed the details of how your situation has changed over the past year.
  2. You’ve renovated or added features to your home.
  3. You’ve purchased large […]
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Why Choose Us as Your Insurance Broker?


The insurance industry has become very complex with so many insurance companies and the types of covers available in today’s market. The most important aspect of an Insurance Broker is we represent you as the Insured and not the Insurance Companies.

We will identify your personal and business needs and offer a variety of quotes and […]

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What is Business Insurance?


A Business Package is an insurance to safeguard your business with cover to help protect your premises, stock, equipment and reputation.

Business owners can benefit from taking out an affordable and comprehensive business insurance pack to help protect them against the main risks involved in running a business.

Business insurance packs can offer general protection for a business, […]

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